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We offer a “EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP” for corporates and college students with a unique content born out of working in Indian situations.

In this 10 hour workshop the participants are exposed to new insights and the learning reinforced from an Indian perspective through role plays and using movie clips. An overview of the course content is as follows:

  • Short exposure to LEARNING Process
  • Signs of a BAD COMMUNICATOR and how best to avoid them
  • Communications in the DIGITAL age
  • Handling different PERSONALITY TYPES
  • Introduction to BODY LANGUAGE
  • Tuning and Curving (which is the highlight of the programme)
  • Listening blocks and how to overcome our natural tendency of impatience

Whether you are from IIT or IIM or other colleges or your are a new employee, what shows you up to others is your Speech.

English sub-titling for regional and English movies, short-films, documentaries

We present ourselves for sub-titling for movies and documentaries. To begin with:

  • Hindi – English
  • Tamil- English
  • Telugu- English

Being movie buffs ourselves and engaged in content domain, we feel that language should be no bar for a viewing experience. Quality sub-titling work captures the flavour and the nuance so that there is as little loss in language switch as the movie screens come alive with earthy humour, idioms of the land, and more. Truly art is universal if the sub-titling work goes through a quality process.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

What was the role of a resume a few years back, now a Linkedin profile serves better. Job recruiters increasingly prefer a Linkedin profile for a standard format and we help your profile to stand out from the crowd for an elegant presentation of your skills with a touch of your personality. For your profile to be taken seriously in a sea of resumes, you need assistance every step of the way.

Executive Profile Makeover (offline)

A job recruiter does not spend more than a 15 seconds browsing through a resume to determine whether it is worthwhile to dig in further on a suitability match. A resume still the only tool that sets a discussion in the interview panels.

We, at Englang, don’t believe in templates for we believe that for senior positions your personality is as much a factor as your academic and professional achievements. We help you in designing a resume that best describes you.


Advertising calls for newspaper ads, posters, POP materials where you need a snazzy headline and body copy to interest the consumer. A company baseline is the property of the company for years and it makes a wise investment to hire an experienced copywriter with experience in leading agencies like JWT, Rediffusion, Mudra so that your advertisements stand out in the clutter.

Content creation for advertising:

  • Brochure
  • Newsletters
  • PPT
  • Content for social media
  • Press Releases

We live in the electronic age where information flows in all directions. Your market is no longer restricted by a geographic location, you could have prospects from around the globe and it is where content rich profiles in social media and blogs help extend your reach. Your employees, customers, suppliers, and prospective know where to get information of your products and services. Increasingly content specialists are required to manage image perception from irate buyers through prompt addressal and avoiding negative publicity.

Application Services for abroad Universities

When an Indian student applies to foreign universities the Statement of Purpose essays have a major bearing on the selection process. We, at Englang, will help bring you a professional touch to your essays in terms of conciseness and clarity, language and grammar and better readability. Put your best foot forward as you apply to foreign universities and the starting basis is a well written application form.